Thursday, 17 March 2016

MPD 2021 Promises Awe-inspiring Infrastructure in Delhi NCR

As we all know that the Delhi Master Plan is a mega urbanization project and an infrastructural endeavor as big as this has never been carried in India before. The project will transform Delhi NCR into a Smart City which is capable of performing all top notch functions similar to the cities in developed countries like US, UAE, Australia, etc.

Citizens all across the nation are thrilled about the Smart City as it will redefine luxurious living and such luxury will be ‘affordable’ for the first time in the country. People from all income groups will be able to find space in the Smart City which will provide accommodation to a huge number of people by building nearly 25 lakhs smart homes.

Delhi height’s Royal Homes in Dwarka is one such mega projects that have been offering dwelling units as according to MPD2021.  

At present, Delhi NCR is not equipped with necessary facilities for a sustainable development of a city. It lies far behind in the list of prolific capital cities in the world. After the construction of the Smart City, Delhi will climb the ladder of world class city rankings and citizens will not have to tour abroad to experience an illustrious supreme lifestyle.

The Master Plan’s focal point is sustainability and some of the sustainable goals scribbled in the plan Royal Homes in Dwarka according to MPD 2021 follows as:-

•    Quality Education
•    Clean Water & Sanitation
•    Affordable Clean Energy
•    Economic and Fiscal Growth
•    Accountable and Effective Institutions
•    Strict and Stringent Security system
•    Peculiar waste management system
•    Equality and Justice
•    Monitoring Climate Change and Environment protection
•    Transparent public access to information
•    Easy connectivity and transportation

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