Monday, 7 March 2016

Master Plan Delhi 2021 Has Measures to Root out the Water Shortage

Summers are approaching and the scorching heat of Delhi is quite obviously going to be intolerable and exhausting. Like every year, there will be scarcity of water and people will begin to sweat in January itself, thinking about the inconvenience.

Delhi has been facing water supply problem for a long time now and in fact, Delhi Jal Board (DJB) is responsible for water supply management hasn’t been able to arrange proper water distribution for its citizens. Poor water management and broken pipelines cause tons of water to get wasted. This leads to water shortage and people have to rely on water tankers for regular supply.

Contrary to the present scenario, the future is being seen as bright and promising with the land pooling policy projects in Delhi which considers all water shortage and management problems in its planning and has decided to incorporate world class ideas so that the residents of the Smart City will not have to live without water even for an hour. The Smart City plan contains residential projects that will be built on land pooling policy norms and DDA will be the supervisor of the mega urbanization assignment.

Let us find out how water management will be facilitated in Master Plan residential projects:

This method of recharge is highly effective and is practiced all around the world for sustainable development. The water that is collected from the terrace can easily be filtered as it contains no harmful bio-chemicals; it just has some dust or slit which is easy to clean.

Planting trees is the most resourceful way through which we can replenish the ground water level. This method will help improve security and reliability of water supply and will maintain quality of water to usable levels.

Activities will be organized on time and again to encourage residents to conserve water. They will be educated and taught several measures which can be adopted in their daily lives to save water substantially.

The housing apartments are going to be constructed with smart fittings that will not cause any water shortage and will keep the residents accountable and aware of their water consumption. Some of the features are:-

•    Water purification products and systems
•    Smart bathroom fittings and accessories
•    Water pollution monitoring systems
•    Pipes, pumps and motors
•    Analytical instruments

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