Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Master Plan 2021 Offering a Space for Harmonious and Comfortable Living

Viewing the transformative potential of new technologies and changing demographics as the accelerator of augmentation and empowerment, the government is trying to translate them into economic and societal value to improve the standards of the cities in the coming years. 

In this increasingly competitive global economy, the government has planned a dramatic shift with its infrastructural revolutionary project, the Master Plan Delhi 2021.  

In addition to the improvements in efficiencies and supply of services, the Master Plan is enabling large scale transformation in the planning of residential projects.The complexities of the growing population will be reduced and masked by the forthcoming India’s first Smart City in Delhi NCR. Very different strategies relying exclusively on ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) are going to be used in all the zones divided in the 2021 Master Plan Delhi.  

Concentrating on the largest zone in MPD 2021, let us see how various sections have been planned under Dwarka Master Plan for the mega urbanization. 

1.      LOGISTICS & NETWORKING: Several software will be installed to help local planners and governing bodies tackle the complex challenges of urban freight transportation. Living will be enriched with a solid network of connectivity between humans and devices. This connectivity will enable better management and offer affluent application experiences.

2.      MEDICAL AND HEALTHCARE: The Smart City will be a global hub for medical services. The city will have quality healthcare services, highly skilled doctors and medical professionals and low cost treatments. This is said to boost up medical tourism and place India among the top three medical tourism destinations in Asia for its cost effective healthcare services.

3.      SECURITY AND SURVEILANCE: Revolutionizing technologies will be applied to ensure safety and security of the city and it will completely change how cities locate, mitigate and prevent safety issues. Maps and predictive analytics will help in building a strong surveillance system in and around the city and will safeguard residents living even without a human guard.

4.      TRANSPORTATION AND MOBILTY: Considering the adverse effect of present transportation methods on our environment, the government has resolutely planned to shit to an electricity based transportation system. Also, to prevent the depletion of fossil fuels and consequent increase in fuel costs. Intelligent traffic lighting systems and use of bio fuels will be also encouraged in the plan.

5.      INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCE CITY: A framework enabled for economic development and inclusive growth that contributes to sustainable development. The Master Plan 2021 will not only upgrade industries but also align education and labor market needs. The Smart City mission will be addressed in pursuit of green industrial policies to improve economic performances and also address broader challenges like climate change and other pressures on our natural resources and environment.

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