Friday, 20 May 2016

Eco-Friendly Green City Ideas in the MPD 2021

For living atmospheres of sustainable nature, the environment protection is of the optimum value and regard, so that, long term living cities for a century long survivals could be made without much disturbance and dilapidated conditions.

The importance of the environment should be understood from the fact that in a variety of human activities ranging from biological, economical, cultural and recreational values are, somehow,  connected and co-related with nature and environment. Hence, the protection of  the natural resources is of the optimum value to fulfill the basic human needs and interests. 

Eco- Friendly Green City Ideas in the MPD 2021

Global warming is making a very bad impact on our environment and constant change in its raising and creating a lots of problems. The national capital of Delhi is also equally impacted from over pollution and counted among one of the most polluted cities of the world. 

The Government's smart city project and mission, Master Plan 2021 has incorporated innovative ideas and techniques to conserve the environment as well as improve its conditions as well. The role and duties has also been shared with the private real estate developers as well in Master Plan Delhi, to, integrate atmosphere protection planning into the mega residential efforts. 

Luxurious Green City Life Homes Dwarka Delhi

  • Green roofs with the residential apartments roof replaced with a planted garden to reduce energy costs, improve air quality and control the amount of rainwater entering smart City’s waste systems has been incorporated and decided. 
  • It is recyclers technology that even can recycle half  of the waste that otherwise could pollute the environment. Furthermore, compost piling could be used in programs to make it an eco-friendly approach.  
  • Closely related to the concept of ergonomics, the co-working spaces are the same areas to conserve energy and protection.  This measure will help residents to start logging a weekly record of every food item they throw into their garbage bins. 

These all efforts will bring the good result into areas of High air quality, reduced electricity use, green buildings, improved public health, reuse of material, improved water quality and clean transportation.  The need for change here is  alarming. Delhi NCR this way can escape from a leading problem of population explosion due to uncontrollable migration and lack of family planning. 

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